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1874 - Northwestern District History - 1874 - The Northwestern District was first opened at Pennsylvania Ave and Lambert Street in 1874 where it remained until 1958/9 when they moved to their present district on Reisterstown Rd.  

The Northwestern District is one of the largest in the City and it borders the Northern District, Southwestern District, Western District and Baltimore County. The Northwestern District has a very diverse population and it's Police personnel are also very diverse. The police have made great strides in reducing violent crime and will continue to do so.



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Neighborhood Resources

Reisterstown Plaza Associates - Mt. Washington Village - Mount Washington Improvement Association

The Northwest District is the home of the world renown Preakness and Maryland’s famous Pimlico Race track attracting visitors from around the world
Jackie Folio c nancy jones
Courtesy Nancy Jones
Kathy Irwin Conrad c nancy jones
Courtesy Nancy Jones
Kathy Irwin Conrad c nancy jones 2
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Kathy Irwin Conrad c nancy jones 3
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Lloyd Bernard c Nancy Jones
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Lt Ben Lieu c nancy jones
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Nancy Jones 4
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Sgt Debbie Fox c Nancy Jones
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Tim Markland Sr c Nancy Jones
Courtesy Nancy Jones
Photo courtesy Officer Rick Krause
Photo courtesy Officer Rick Krause
Photo courtesy Officer Rick Krause
Photo courtesy Officer Rick Krause

Photo courtesy Officer Rick Krause
unit citation
Courtesy Lt. Jim Carnes



Northwest District Officers


Gustav A. Romoser Sr., c1880-1940

Appointed to the Baltimore City Police Department on March 2, 1913, he was assigned and proudly served in the Southwestern District, the Northern District and the Traffic Division.


In 1925 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was assigned to the Northwestern District. He then attained the rank of Lieutenant on April 14, 1938. While serving in the Northwest District he developed a very serious heart problem, after a long illness, he passed away June 18, 1938 at the age of 60. Lt. Gustav A. Romoser had an exemplarity 27 year career with the department and his death was a great loss to the department and the citizens of Baltimore. His service Honored the Department. Lieutenant Romoser was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and was a member of Baltimore Police Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars. He was a Mason and a member of Pythagoras Lodge and a Knights Commander. He leaves his widow, Wilhelmina (Minnie) C. Romoser, three sons, Gustav A. Romoser, Jr., a member of the Baltimore Police Traffic Division; Winfield Romoser, and Vernon Romoser, and two sisters, Mrs. Clara McDonald, of Parkville, Baltimore county, and Mrs. Lottie Lupton, Baltimore. Fellow Police Lieutenants served as pallbearers and he was laid to eternal rest in Western Cemetery near the New Cathedral Cemetery. Data compiled Sister Anne M. O'Donnell Pratt Library, Maryland Room, Biography File, Index Card with Obit; also Microfilm Obituary, Baltimore Sun, Wednesday Morning, June 19, 1940, p. 20 [11-15-10]



SEPTEMBER 16, 1940


Sergeant Albert N. Kirwan


25 Picked City Policemen Training For Riot Squads


Northwestern District Officers Getting Special Instructions On Small Arms, Tear Gas And Sub-Machine Guns


August 30, 1939


A select group of twenty-five Baltimore policemen are going back to school these days to again learn their ABC's-only this time they are learning the ABC's of firearms.

The men all of whom are attached to the Northwestern police district, are being formed into riot squads to handle any and all types of mob disorder and violence in the Northwestern district and maybe in the city. They will be under the supervision of Sergeant Albert N. Kirwan.

Following their graduation the officers will be well versed in the use of small, medium and large pistols, tear gas, sub-machine and riot guns.

Made Careful Selection

The idea of organizing the riot squads was fostered by Sergeant Kirwan and captain King commander of the district. The two spent quite a bit of time choosing the group. All members were selected because they had telephones in their homes and owned automobiles. After they were picked the men were separated into three divisions to serve on each of the three shifts.

If and when an emergency arises, Captain King said, a single division can be assembled in the station house in ten minutes and dispatched to the scene of disorder. The three divisions, he added, can be notified and assembled for action at the station house within thirty minutes.

Practice Already Begun

Sergeant Kirwan-better known as Sergeant Jack---who is acting as supervisor of instruction, was selected for his post because of his own ability with all types of firearms and because is well liked by the men.

Practice and instruction in the use the various weapons began Monday At the Police Department pistol range at Saunders Field, on the Governor Ritchie Highway.

Although the twenty-five men were chosen primarily because of their proficiency with small arms, they will not allowed to fire the larger weapons until they have mastered the technique of taking them apart and assembling them and learned how to and unload them without endangering others.

Skull Sessions Set

Skull sessions will be held at various intervals either at the station-house or at Saunders range. When the schooling is over each squad will have 2 sergeants. The 8 A.M. to 4 P. M. squad will have seven members and other two squads will have nine.

The divisions and those comprising squads are as follows:

A- Division:

Sergeants Harry Ernest and Leonard Fehlauer; Patrolmen Edward Bees, Fred Knorline, Fred Gladstone, Carles Schuhart and Elmer Tracy.

B- Division:

Sergeants William Vinup and Carl Kornke; Patrolmen Charles Blaney, WiIliam Krause, Frank McKenna, Edward Bender, Leslie Kummer, Norman Kelly and James McLaughlin.


Sergeants Stanley Oster and John Allen; Patrolmen John Griffin, John O’Brien, Charles Heim, Roger Stocksdale, Francis Kotmair, George Klander and John W. Smith.


maryland flag line6


Northwest District A & C Division
Liberty Sub-Station Liberty Heights Ave. & Rogers Ave.
October 25, 1940


Lieutenant Matthew Quinn Northwestern District was stabbed numerous times while he was subduing a deranged person who had just stabbed 2 other people. July 21, 1926


MOH smallMaurice Erdman NWD

Lieutenant Matthew Quinn Northwestern District was stabbed numerous times while subduing
a deranged person who had just stabbed 2 other people. July 21, 1926

Patrolman Maurice C. Erdman

Roll Of Honor Recipient

Officer Erdman of the old Northwestern District, had arrested a suspect for illegal gambling on August 3, 1914 and while leading him to the call box, the suspect pulled a razor and cut his throat severely. Officer Erdman fell to his knees clutching his throat to stop the gushing blood and still had the presence of mind to pull his service revolver and fire 5 shots at the fleeing suspect, striking him three times fatally wounding the suspect.  Officer Erdman had joined the department February 4, 1907 and retired in 1947 with 40 years of service and mandatory age of 70. Officer Erdman’s son Walter joined the Baltimore Police Department in 1946 and was assigned to the Northern District. Officer Walter Erdman’s son, Art,  joined the Baltimore County Police Department and is still actively serving and he to is a Medal Of Honor Recipient.

The Erdman family is truly a family of service, dedication and bravery.



Officer Elvy Jett Ruby, standing in front of the family home on W 33rd. Street in Hampden
Appointed: March 28, 1919
Retired: Nov 26, 1953
Final Roll Call: Jan 22, 1959


Officer William J. "REDS" DePaola badge#536 academy class 1953. "REDS" was an easy going guy that would keep you laughing all day long with some of the antics he was so famous for.


 "Reds" doing what Reds did best.
Some officers just stand out in a district and he was in the top 10 of the NWD.
Reds just had that personality that made a bad day...GOOD.
"Reds" frisking a prisoner
Officer "REDS" DePaola sitting in a minature toy car 
Officer Dave P. D'Addario badge# 1801, seen here in his 1953 academy class photo, was a long
time NWD officer who was always an even temper, friendly and all round nice guy

Officer William Craig 1958

Baltimore City Police Department undergoes a major overhaul of district boundaries.

August 31, 1959 



Retirement party from the NWD about 1977 for Sgt Stanley Nelka

capt. william eusini.jpg.w300h373

aptain William Eusini promoted 1970's and assigned Northwest District


Officer Grover Yox

A Law Enforcement Family. Sergeant James K. Wilhelm (center) surrounded by his children.

Pat, Baltimore Co. Officer, Betty & John are Maryland State Troopers, far right, Jim the oldest and only non-police member of the family. Sergeant Wilhelm was a well liked and respected member of the Northwest District for many years.
He passed away January 17, 2010 and he will be greatly missed.
Rest in peace Sarge, your shift is over, we'll take it from here.
Officer Tom Leddon Northwest District (above) 
Officer Tom Leddon and Officer Don Healy (below)

Officer (Sgt.) Paul Miller, Sergeant Irv Frey,
Officer Al "Mad Dog" Marcus
Sgt. Timothy O'Connell
Leslie J. Stickles, Jr. assigned to the Northwest District upon completion of the police academy. 1970's
Officer Nancy Jones
NWD 1990's
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
To the entire family of the Northwest District
Christmas NWD 1990
JoAnn Oliphant Voelker and Officer Charlie Trautwein as Santa Clause
Christmas NWD 1990
Nicole Voelker, Officer JoAnn Oliphant Voelker
Christmas NWD 1990
Nicole Voelker, Officer Ev Voelker, Major Ron Collins
Officer Jules Denitto, Dottie Weitzell (Chief Clerk) NWD
Officer Nancy Jones and her Mom
NWD Christmas 1990
Major Ron Collins (3rd. from left)
 Lt. Ben Lieu, Officer Charlie Trautwein, & Major Collins
Robert Menas, Jimmy Magness, Bobbie Magness
Officer Frank Woodland and Officer Hank Harrold
Officer Charles LoRocco
Dave Gatewood, Tina Carlton, Ward Wilson, Ernest Judd
Officer Jimmy Fowler, Officer Stephen Kagarise
Officer Mark Alessi and Officer Dave Simmons
 Mike Dunn, Rob Weinhold, Sgt. Barry Baker
Mike Regan, Charles LoRocco
Lieut. Ben Lieu and Officer Kathy Irwin
Officer Michael Burkett
Sergeant Robert Vinci
Officer John K. Nolan and Officer Kathy Irwin Conrad 
Dennis Reinhardt, Sharon Reinhard, Tom Bolte 
Roll Call: Richard Long Darnell Brock,Villareal, Dennis Reinhardt,
Doug Kerr,Sgt. McCullum,Doug Kerr, Howard Friedman
Ward Wilson, Gerard Busnuk
 Donald Grant (L), Robert (Bobby) Mack
P/O Joe Dugan 
 Joe Dugan & Roxi Cotton
 Officer Tony MClaughlin
Joe Dugan, Lynette Nevins), Roxi Cotton,
Robert (Bobby) Mack July 3, 1985
 Officer Robert "Bob" Cherry
Officer Ronald Willis 
Sgt. Andrew Heavesy






Sgt. George McHargue   Wayne_Wilson.jpg

Officer Wayne R. Wilson

Officer Calvin Stanley

Officer Joe Dugan

Officer Joe Dugan executing a S & S warrant

1594.jpgOfficer Joe Dugan





 Officer Bert Israel  1622.jpg

 Officer Michael Burkett


Dale_Weirzbowski_Lloyd_Bernard_NWD.jpgOfficer Dale Weirzbowsk & Officer Lloyd Bernard


Officer Dale Weirzbowski

Herb_Mosley2_NWD.jpgOfficer Herb Mosley

Officer Herb Mosley clowning around

Herb_Mosley_NWD.jpgOfficer Herb Mosley
Officer Joe Dugan conducting an interview with juvenile suspect
Officer Lynette Nevins & Officer Joe Dugan

 Lieutenant Doug Kress at roll call


Offs. Tom Gause, Michael Burkett, Joe Dugan


Officer Michael Burkette eating police food with Officer Donald Leatherwood
Officer Michael Burkette with radar gun
Northwest Crusing Patrol - 661
Officer Bert Israel
Northwest District Officers at shift change


Northwest District - 5271 Reisterstown Rd. - (rear view)
Officer Ross Taylor
Officer Ross Taylor, Officer Mike Kozak, Unk Officer
Officers Roxi Cotton
Officers Roxi Cotton, Harry Roop, Joe Dugan
Officer Roxi Cotton
Sergeant Calvert "Buzz" Koerber
Officer Ron Zamora and his squad NWD
Officer William G. Holtz, Jr.



Northwest District old timers  meet for breakfast on the last Monday of each month at Bob Evans on Padonia Road.
Contact Thor Dalebo for further information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



 Copies of: Your Baltimore Police Department Class Photo, Pictures of our Officers, Vehicles, Equipment, Newspaper Articles relating to our department and or officers, Old Departmental Newsletters, Lookouts, Wanted Posters, and or Brochures. Information on Deceased Officers and anything that may help Preserve the History and Proud Traditions of this agency. Please contact Retired Detective Kenny Driscoll.


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How to Dispose of Old Police Items

 If you come into possession of Police items from an Estate or Death of a Police Officer Family Member and do not know how to properly dispose of these items please contact: Retired Detective Ken Driscoll - Please dispose of POLICE Items: Badges, Guns, Uniforms, Documents, PROPERLY so they won’t be used IMPROPERLY.

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Northwest District old timers meet for breakfast on the last Monday of each month at Bob Evans on Padonia Road. contact Thor Dalebo for further information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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