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3 of The Best Aquarium Maintenance Tips

Contrary to the popular belief, aquariums don’t need much maintenance. Even around 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning is usually enough to keep the aquarium working properly, and can avoid major issues in the long run.

Your main goal by regular fish tank maintenance is to keep the contents inside perfectly balanced, and good for the fish to live in. There is no need to take any drastic measures if all of your fish are healthy.

Water Changes

Water changes are a vital part of you’re your routine fish tank maintenance. You can’t consider the fish tank maintenance complete without changing the water. Every week, you can change some of the water (not all of it), usually 10 to 15% water can be changed over the course of two weeks.

The bottom gravel of the aquarium can be vacuumed to help take all the waste material and unheated fish food out. This will keep rest of the water safe.

Filter Maintenance

Servicing the filter is also an important part of your regular fish tank maintenance. For the normally stocked aquariums, you’ll need to clean the filter once in a month, while more populated aquariums will need more frequent filter cleanings. Also, a good step is investing in an effective filter. For this, you can visit https://expertaquarist.com/best-canister-filters-for-aquarium/ to buy a good filter.

Testing The Aquarium Water

Testing and checking the water parameters is also a good thing to do especially when you’re doing a routine maintenance checkup on the aquarium. We can’t determine the water quality by simply looking at it that is why it is very important to do regular testing.

So, check important things like nitrates, nitrites, pH, KH and other parameters to make sure that the water is fit for your fish.

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