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Can You Game on a Laptop?

Ask any gamer, what do they game on? And there answer with a big smirk would wrap around their ‘rig’ which they are very proud of. Usually, gamers are classified into two categories including console gamers and PC gamers. Although a new generation of gamers has come around during the last decade that is casual and prefer to use their smartphones and tablets for their gaming experiences.

The hardcore gamers that use either consoles or computers spend a lot of money and invest heavily in making sure they have the latest and greatest hardware to use along with the software (games). Console gamers are different in the sense that they simply buying an off-the-shelf gaming console and start gaming. On the other end, PC gamers usually do not prefer buying a ready-made PC setup and instead prefer building their own gaming rig with their own personal choice of components.  Pureoverclock notes that from the storage media to the actual casing, the optical media to the cooling solution, the power supply to the memory chips, the graphics card (GPU) to the main processor chip (CPU), each and every component is carefully selected to work together seamlessly and provide the best experience to the gamer.

While most PC gamers do their gaming on desktop machines, others prefer portability over raw power. Over the past decade, laptops and notebooks have come a long way in making a name for themselves when it comes to gaming capabilities. One can easily find notebooks that are now classified as ‘gaming laptops’. These portable computers use high-end components to deliver high performance during different gameplay sessions. Some of the super high-end notebooks/laptops also feature dedicated graphics card slots that work similar to their desktop counterparts. Whether one buys a desktop or a laptop, the thing to note is the choices are there and one cannot go wrong either way when choosing their next gaming machine.

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