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Character Reference Letter Writing Tips

At some point in your life, you might get bestowed with the privilege of writing a character reference letter for a close relative or a friend. You should consider this as a great opportunity to hone your reference letter writing skills. So, take some time and read these tips on how you can write a perfect character reference letter.

Remember that the character reference letters have to be written by a person who knows the person (applying for the job) very well and has a knowledge of his abilities and skills. This can be written by any close relative or a friend (a colleague preferably), no previous employer is needed in the process.

Things to Include in The Reference Letter

Before saying yes to a character reference letter writing request, make sure that you know enough about the job candidate to write a good copy. Also, you have to make sure that you write “Only” the positive aspects of the candidate’s personality.

For each claim you make about the candidate, you should be able to support it with a strong evidence (and actual examples). And remember that you have to give the employer your contact information so he might contact you in the future if need be.

Lastly, make sure you thoroughly re-read and edit the letter to avoid any critical grammatical errors.

Be Well Informed

Since you’re writing a letter for someone who’s applying for a job, you should know about the job and write the letter accordingly. Also, ask the person to provide you with a CV or resume to help yourself with the very process. In short, ask for any information that you think would help you in writing the character reference letter.

Read Some Examples

If you don’t have any prior experience of writing a character reference letter, than you better go to the sites like https://www.realiaproject.org/character-reference-letter-examples/ and take a look at some of the examples of a character reference letter. This would help you get a strong grip of the writing style and draft in general.

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