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How Much to Tip Carpet Cleaning

The tipping requirement at restaurants is something that sees a lot of passionate debate, with some saying that restaurant owners should not underpay their staff and force consumers to pay more than the price of their meal to bolster their unsustainable business models and other suggesting that tipping is a good for some vague and barely formed reason. Whatever your personal preferences might be about tipping as a social phenomenon, one thing that you would never even try to argue against is that people that do good work should definitely get something as a sign of appreciation so that they are encouraged to keep trying their best.

It’s not just the restaurant industry that sees tipping as a common practice either. If you hired someone from the best carpet cleaning company and felt good about how they performed, there is nothing to stop you from tipping them too. However, these two things are quite distinct. The restaurant industry will crumble and collapse if the people working in it started receiving a fair wage, so it is reliant on forcing customers to foot the bill by necessitating tips.

Carpet cleaners, on the other hand, usually get a really good salary, so they don’t need your tips per se. That said, if they exceeded your expectations they might deserve a tip, and a good five to ten percent of the total amount should be adequate. It will show them that you appreciate all the amazing results they allowed you to enjoy, and you will develop a strong working relationship with them as well that would make them more than willing to keep coming back whenever you need to get your carpets cleaned.

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