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How to Make a World Class Sandwich Chain

When you look at your average sandwich you probably won’t think that this is something worth spending a lot of money on. However, this is all a matter of perception. 35 years ago, a man started a business that would eventually make him a billionaire, and the way this works is that he tried to innovate on a simple idea. This idea is something that people have been working with for quite some time now, the preparation and sale of food, but Jimmy John Liautaud Owner, owner of Jimmy John’s, ended up taking things a step further.

What the owner of this sandwich chain did was that he emphasized quality ingredients as well as a variety of other things all of which allowed the chain to become what it is today. As a result of the fact that this is the case, Jimmy John’s isn’t some food truck in a corner somewhere. Instead, it is a chain with over 2000 locations, and earning about 2 billion dollars in revenue each year. The reason behind this is that gourmet sandwiches were a novel concept when this chain was first introduced, but it was a concept that a lot of people felt like they might just be able to get behind.

Using the right resources is what you need to focus on. Jimmy John Liautaud managed to turn a sandwich into a multi-billion dollar empire, and this should prove to you that even the simplest idea can be turned into veritable gold if it is executed properly. It’s fair to say that a lot of people might want to open a sandwich chain now that they have seen how effective and profitable it can end up being.

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