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Supermarket at Your Doorstep

The work schedule of every other person today is nerve-wrecking. The long hours, the never-ending workload and the struggle to get work done by the end of the day is no easy job. Amongst such hectic daily routine, people seldom find to make their way to a shopping centre and make the necessary purchases. This is the reason why online shopping primarily came into existence and more importantly, the reason it has gained such immense popularity.

Initiatives to Get Started With Online Grocery

While a more common approach towards online shopping is generally considered to be a mean of shopping for clothing and other accessories while in reality, people have even opted for it as a convenient alternative for groceries. Therefore, many companies both working on a larger scale or those termed as small businesses are participating in the league to render it easier for consumers to save their times over groceries.

While one feasible way to promote online grocery provision to the doorstep might be through the postal service such as Liteblue which is effectively working to deliver mail to the countrymen across the US, there are companies such as Amazon and Walmart that are working on the idea. The stupendous increment in the growth of online grocery delivery from 2011 to 2019 is one reason why such big players are so actively working to render it possible.

The game plan for Walmart includes the services of carpool services such as Uber and Lyft and in the trial program, the consumer would place an order online which would be delivered to their doorstep via an Uber driver. On the contrary, Amazon’s approach differs slightly as it utilizes the postal service’s Customized Delivery option to deliver the groceries to the consumer’s doorstep. Inspired by this initiative, different large-scale grocery stores and other similar well-established brands are working on similar ideas to enhance their annual supplies and to make grocery shopping a rather easier and convenient task to do.

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