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The Most Common Dabbing Tool

Dab rigs are the most common ones among all the dabbing tools, taking concentrated doses of cannabis through different dabbing tool is something that is becoming more common now and people are now interested in different ways of dabbing and vaporizing their cannabis, and because different methods provide different results people are interested in learning new way of using dabbing tools in order to explore new taste, if you are buying a dab rig for the first time then you should consider the following things if you want to buy the right one the very first time of asking,

  1. Size: The size of the dab is important, having just the right size to hold the recommended amount of water is exactly what you should look for, when there is more water than required you run the risk of taking away some of your dab.
  2. Dab rigs design: Among so many design options out there you should focus on the ones which are small, smaller dab rigs are the best and rigs with smaller chambers are the ones that are most recommended by the experts, for maximum flavor puck rigs are the ones that are recommended and it is absolutely true that these provide the best and most intense and that is surely down the design.
  3. Quality: Remember that you will be using a torch and in order to use that safely you would require a dab rig which is constructed with good quality material and can withstand heat as well, usually the best dab rigs are made of scientific grade borosilicate glass which is just perfect, along with size, design and proper material you should have also consider the filtration part as an important thing as well.

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