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Treating Infested Furniture Efficiently

Pets are easily and very commonly infested with parasites, their eggs and larva and since they are also found roaming on sofas, beds and chairs, they infest the furniture with the same insects.

Cleaning or disinfecting the furniture from such blood-sucking insects is a hard job, not only because these insects are hard to kill but also because since furniture are constantly in use by the pets and there is a perpetual exposure of this organisms. However there are certain measures that effectively treat such infested furniture and once repeated regularly can also minimise the occurrence of such insects.

Using a Vacuum

It is necessary to vacuum furniture everyday especially if it is constantly in use of the pet. Using a good quality suction vacuum cleaner and vacuuming the couch, beds and chairs thoroughly is an effective practice. Furthermore, removing all cushions and vacuum them separately and paying attention to inaccessible area such as area underneath is also helpful in removing the insects.

Rinsing And Sanitising Afterwards

Cleaning the furniture with soapy water and detergent is also a good strategy to get rid of fleas but this method is not effective in eggs and larvae, especially those which are found in areas which are inaccessible to cleaning.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is one of the most effective insecticides as it can kill the insect within four hours of exposure. Most importantly for those insects and eggs that live in carpet and are not visible are also killed by this method. Sprinkle the powder on the furniture and let it stay it for a while then vacuum the powder but make sure that the trash is disposed off in a sealed bag otherwise any living insect can infest itself.

Using Borax Powder

Application of Borax powder is similar to that of diatomaceous earth as it required to be vacuumed after certain period of being sprinkled. However Borax is  a powerful insecticide and can prevent the existence of the parasites for as long as a year.

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