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What Types of Meat Grinders Are Available?

Depending of what kind of purpose you wish to serve with the meat grinder, you could pick up a small, medium or large (commercial) sized meat grinder. Having a meat grinder available to you at your own restaurant allows you to make exquisite dishes on demand using freshly processed meats. If we talk about the different types of meat grinders that are available in the market then they fall into two categories. Manual and Electric or Automatic. So let’s look at the main features of both these separately which should give you enough idea as to which one is right for you.

First let’s look at manual grinders. These are usually made out of solid metal parts as they do not have electrical parts. Manual meat grinder are usually mounted on kitchen counter or table tops. These are good for occasional use and they work best for smaller quantity of meat. As the entire processing is done by hand, one needs to think about the usage and plan it based on their budget. Since the process is all manual, the commercial usage is not entirely beneficial. One important thing to note is that a proper table top is needed as some of the manual grinders don’t fit thick tables.

On the other side we have the automatic or electric grinders which are available in different shapes and sizes. Some of these are portable table top sized while others require proper ground mounting which are used in commercial setups such as butcheries and restaurants.

Main thing about the electric meat grinders is that they are used for mass quantity grinding jobs and the output depends on how many pounds of meat the grinder can process within a minute. Depending on your need, you can select the type of grinder that is right for you.

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