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Disney 50th Anniversary

When Did Walt Disney Start Making Cartoons?

If you are the sort of individual that really likes cartoons, there is a pretty good chance that you have heard of Walt Disney. In fact, you would be truly hard pressed to find someone or the other that hasn’t heard of Disney. This is because of the fact that he created a huge media empire that is now the dominant media company in the world in general, but that does not mean that he always automatically got this level of success because when he was first starting out animation was still a pretty nascent and young kind of art form if you think about it with a clear enough headspace.

The truth of the situation is that THE WATCH CARTOONS ONLINE TV has a lot of shows that were created as a byproduct of Disney’s creative prowess. One of the most famous cartoons that he ever created involved the character known as Mickey Mouse, but the fact of the matter is that even though this mouse is Disney’s favorite character suffice it to say that he was not the first one that Disney ever created.

Rather, the first character that Disney made was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and he started working on it in 1927. This was when Disney started making cartoons, and this created a situation wherein lots more people started looking into animation as a truly serious way to create art that has changed the landscape of art in general. In just five years it will have been a century since Disney first got started on his animation journey, and we are all truly lucky to live in an era where his influence is so easy to see.

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