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Your Carpet is Making You Sick

If you are serious about your health and your family’s wellbeing then you must ensure a healthy living environment, people are placing air purifiers in their home and doing the extra while there are others who are sitting on carpets and rugs which have mites, dust, debris, fungal particles and bacteria, this is a reality and it could be your reality as well if you have not got your carpet cleaned from a professional service provider in a while, regular vacuum cleaning and brushing is enough to deal with pet hair, lose dust and debris but it does not clean the entire fabric of the carpet and that is where the bacteria and pollutants take shelter.

There are some severe conditions and diseases that are associated with dirty carpets and if you look online you would find all sorts of stories and you’ll find it hard to believe that even if you are fully convinced that a dirty carpet poses some serious threats to our health but there is one thing that is for certain, if you have a dirty carpet then it will surely have dust mites, even if you leave your carpet unwashed for a couple of months it will shelter a large population of dust mites and these creatures can’t be seen with our naked eyes but itching, athlete’s foot, eczema and rashes are all signs that your carpet is home to a huge number of dust mites.

I decided to take action and got it cleaned from professionals, carpet cleaning Willis by Willis carpet cleaning pros gave the best possible solutions and I discussed what I want from them and they were really cooperative during the communication as well and their methods of cleaning and drying were absolutely spot on as well.

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