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flights to istanbul

Your Travel Guide to Istanbul

With a really hectic schedule in our daily lived everyone needs a break from time to time. And what could be better than travelling to place that is full of attractions and allows you to just relax. Istanbul for instance, is one of the perfect spots in the world for a vacation. If you are planning on travelling to Istanbul anytime soon then this is the article that you need to read as it will tell you everything that you need to know about travelling to Istanbul.

Planning an Istanbul vacation is not that difficult, but it should be kept in mind that Istanbul is a huge place. It unites the eastern part of the world with the western part. It is unique in its own way as it is a mix of culture and not to mention, one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is recommended to at least plan a trip for 5 days so you get to experience both sides of Turkey, however, if you are an explorer and want to visit all sorts of places then you should make it 10 days.

But even with a 10 day trip you will not be able to explore all the places that Istanbul has to offer, it is that big. But do not worry, Istanbul in not that expensive, so you can easily cover the costs. But the cost for travelling to Istanbul depends on where you live. There are all sorts of transportation you can use, such as boat, bus. train, and airplanes. But if you live far away, then obviously you would need to travel by air, you can check in with Turkish airlines and get a rough idea as to the flight fares.

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